Everett House Updates


City Council Meeting Results

We are so pleased but with mixed emotions to announce that we are here to serve the community for years to come! 
The City Council made a tentative vote, three to one to keep The Everett House open! 
The decision was made with the condition that we will no longer provide Chiropractic services which we have been doing since 1981 and our independent acupuncturists will also have to relocate. (Exact timeline tbd). This was a heavy decision for Elliott as he and the Chiropractic staff have loved sharing their gifts here for the last 37 1/2 years. Most Council members recognized the value of those services but they deemed them as medical services. But Elliott deemed the risk too great of not getting 3 positive votes (a 2-2 vote would have meant we had to close), so to save the center from being forced to close we offered the compromise. In the meantime, Elliott will be trying to figure out a close-by office for continuity of care. 
The final vote will be made on May 1st. Although we will be sad to lose the ability to offer Chiropractic services in-house, we are grateful to the Mayor and the City Commissioners who worked with us to preserve our urban sanctuary. We cannot thank you all enough for your letters, signatures, testimonies, and overall support during this adventure.

Here is the link to the hearing. Scroll to March 20th pm session


The Willamette Weekly published an article on 1/23/19 about our battle to save the Everett House. Find the link below. If you are interested in how you can be of help, email everetthousecommunity@gmail.com and we will send you updates and inform you of how you can be of assistance.


We have been working with the City of Portland to amend our Conditional Use Permit. In December, 2018 a hearing was held and the hearings officer’s decision can be found here:


Although our initial request was denied, we intend to appeal that decision. We ask that anyone interested in offering their support, especially people within the Kern’s neighborhood email us at everetthouseneighbors@gmail.com. We will keep you apprised of any updates, and inform you when there are opportunities for you to come show your support for the Everett House.

We look forward to serving this community for another 40+ years and thank you for all of your continuing support.