Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What’s included in the Birthday Special?

A: Come within 4 days of your birthday and use the spa for 60-minutes for FREE! The spa includes access to our large salt hot tub, saunas and steam room.

Q: What if you are closed on my birthday? What then?

A: We understand that sometimes your birthday doesn’t always land on the perfect day, which is why you can come within 4 days before or after your birthday to utilize your birthday special.

Q: Do I need to make reservations?

A: We take walk-ins only for spa sessions (including birthday specials) so there is no need to make a reservation. You are welcome to check out our homepage to see if there is a waitlist before you come in. Massage and Float sessions do require appointments. You can make an online request or call us at (503) 232-6161 ext 1 to schedule those appointments.

Q: Can I reserve time in the spa?

A: We take walk-ins only for the spa and do not accept reservations.

Q: What if I don’t identify as a member of the LGBTQ community or trans community, can I still come during those hours?

A: We love our allies, but we have set aside hours specifically for those communities to hold a safe space for them. As an ally, we ask you to respect those hours and only utilize them if you identify specifically as a member of that community. The same applies to our LGBTQ community during trans/gender queer hours.

Q: Can I put myself on the waitlist from home?

A: The online waitlist allows you to see how many people might be ahead of you before coming in, but we do require people to be here in person to get put on the waitlist.

Q: How do I buy a gift card for someone?

A: If you are in town, we have gift cards for purchase at the spa. Another convenient way is to order online. The gift certificate will be sent directly to the recipient.

Q: The website says clothing optional, is everyone naked?

A: We want everyone to feel comfortable and safe while at the Everett House. Although the majority of people choose to be naked, you are more than welcome to wear a bathing suit.

Q: Can I bring my own towel?

A: Absolutely! We also have towels and sarongs for rent if you forget yours at home or it’s just more convenient.

Q: If I add a spa session to my massage should I use it before or after my massage?

A: It really depends on your preference. We recommend using it before as it will help to warm your muscles and tissue, allowing the massage to be all the more effective, but it’s also a lovely way to end.

Q: Does spa time come with my massage?

A: Spa time is not included but can be added to your massage appointment in 30 minute increments. We automatically reserve time for our massage clients in the spa, so there is no need to reserve that time.

Q: Do you offer couples massage?

A: We do not currently offer couples massage in the same room, but we would be happy to find two appointments at the same time for you and your partner.

Q: Do you have a lost and found?

A: We hold items in our lost and found for two weeks. We do not keep certain items, especially wet items (towels, swimsuits, socks etc…).