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Practitioner Room for Rent

Are you an LMT, therapist or healer looking for a new private office?

Now available: Lovely, quiet space in Flanders House at Everett Healing Center. Discounted spa options available for your clients!

Contact Elliot at for more information and rental rates.

Tomorrow: Morning Altars!

Morning Altars. Saturday, Dec. 15th, 10 AM - 2 PM. Sliding Scale $50 - 60.

We live in a fast, distracted, and disconnected world. Yet, there is an ancient ritual and expression that has always connected the people back to the la nd, to their imaginations, to wonder and play, and to the deeper meaning of life - impermanent earth art. Nowadays we need this more than ever.

Morning Altars is a hands-on seven practice that is part creative expression, part mindfulness, and part nature connection. During this workshop, you will learn the 7 steps of creating earth altars. Each step offers an innovative way to slow down, open to wonder and curiosity, and listen to the language of the land. 

Together, we will create meaningful and mesmerizing altars, offer them as blessings, and then surrender and let them go as a practice of impermanence. This ancient ritual and expression helps us explore the profound meaning of life's ephemerality.
Join Day Schildkret, internationally renowned earth mandala artist and author as he launches his new book: "Morning Altars: A 7-Step Practice to Nourish Your Spirit with Nature, Art and Ritual" for this workshop that will offer a much-needed digital detox, getting you off the screens and into the wisdom and joy of the natural world. Sign up at:

Tonight: Community Healing Event

Community Healing Events Series.

Friday, December 14th, 6 - 9 PM.

Looking for some holistic healing, but don't know where to start? Join us for five nights of community healing with an array of local PDX healers, showcasing a variety of healing modalities and ceremonies you can find around our community.

Explore group meditations, one-on-one healing sessions, ritual and more. Each week showcases rotating healers, so there will always be something new to learn and experience.

Drake is a world-bridger, here to provide assistance into the new world we are currently anchoring in. She offers Wholistic Coaching, youth mentorship opportunities, and organizes an array of healer specific workshops, classes and events as a means of weaving together the incoming paradigm. She is a certified permaculturalist, Master Reiki practitioner, a trained facilitator and writes weekly on her blog about how to make the shift into higher dimensions. Find her at

Upcoming Events

Path of Sincerity Buddhist Meditation - Insight Meditation & Buddhism

Monday, December 17, 7-9 PM, By Donation. 

This group is devoted to practicing Insight Meditation, a mindfulness-based style of Buddhist Meditation that aims to take us deeper into a life of love, wisdom and genuine happiness. We aspire to build community, explore Buddhist philosophy in a down-to-earth way, and discover the place where our full humanity intersects with a rich spiritual life. 

A typical gathering includes around 30 minutes of lightly guided meditation, an interactive talk and discussion. Everything is offered free of charge, though you may make a donation if you feel called to. All meditation experience levels, genders, ethnicities, ages and orientations are welcome!
A former Theravadan Buddhist monk, David Sudar is passionate about practicing & offering the dharma in a way that's earthy, heartful and rooted in the real possibility of awakening.  He currently works in Portland as a Dharma Mentor & Meditation Teacher - he teaches at Nike, Yoga Teacher Training programs, Buddhist groups, and leads workshops at a variety of venues. David completed an intensive 21 month Vipassana meditation retreat in Myanmar with his core teacher, Sayadaw U Tejaniya, and continues to spend 1-2 months a year on silent retreat.  For more information, please visit his website:

Creating A Plant-Based Ceremony

Friday, January 4, 6 - 7:30 PM.  $10 - $20 Sliding Scale.

This workshop guides you in how to create personal ceremonies, using plants and other elements of nature, to connect ourselves to spirit. We will discuss recreating our primal earth-based worldviews, incorporating our modern religious or spiritual symbolism, learning from cultures who continue their ancestral practices, understanding basic shamanic tools and trusting our instincts.
Ancient Tools for WomenSaturday, January 5th, 1 PM - 7 PM.    $90 - $120.
Learn how women around the world have used ancient models for diagnosis and healing. We will explore organizing our health using ancient models which are based on elements of nature and spirit. We will review the use of herbal medicine in a context of accessible tools for self-care and professional practice including community creation, cleansing, massage, movement, sacred rocks, energy balance, spiritual alignment, hydrotherapy and food medicine.
Rachel Thomas is an advocate and teacher of the ethnomedicine of LatinAmerica and the African Diaspora. She has spent over twenty years living in Costa Rica, where she created Hidden Garden Ethnobotanical Sanctuary to protect and promote the regional herbal and spiritual practices. 
Rachel teaches social responsibility together with culturally-based techniques, to encourage the continued use of folk technologies in their home communities, as well as the demarginalization of their representation in mainstream complementary medicine. Rachel graduated from Brown University with a dual degree in education and Africana studies. She is a certified health coach through Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Rachel teaches at her own center and around the world, offers spiritual and holistic counselling and consulting with individuals and organizations who are looking to integrate Latino and Africana ethnomedicine into their health practices.
Find her and register at:


Wednesdays, 5:30 - 6:30 PM, Free.

Ancient meditation instructions will be given along with some theory of the Sat Mat Teachings.  Three meditation practices will follow from about ten to 20 minutes each..

The meditation practice will be held at your third eye with calmness and focus, serenely focusing your attention there, mentally repeating your holy mantra to help control the wandering mind.  You'll be surprised what sprouts forth.  

Upcoming Tarot Course!

In-Depth Tarot Course: A Spiritual Journey With Sally Dubats

Tuesdays, 9 Weeks.  January 8 - March 5, 7:00 - 8:30 PM, $195.

Learn to read the Tarot as a system rather than individual cards. The system consists of 9 Tarot Families (nine groups of cards based on numerology and founded on ancient archetypes.) This 9-week hands-on journey will teach you to read the Tarot with absolute confidence. You will learn about the Major and Minor Arcana, the Elements, Court Cards, Symbology, Intuition exercises, and you will have weekly interactive reading practice with advanced skills by the end of the course.

Many, not all, are able to confidently read professionally upon completion of this course; this is especially true if you have some prior love of or history with the cards. RSVP to  Sally Dubats is a published author and has guided sacred rituals and workshops for over twenty years. She is a professional Tarot reader, founder of the Portland Tarot Guild, and a member of the American Tarot Association. She views the Tarot as a beautiful vehicle to understanding our personal archetypes, and the gateway to our Highest Selves. Find her at

Community Discounts!

Do you walk, bike, bus to the Everett House? Did you get dropped off for your appointment? (By friend or Lyft/Uber). 

We offer a 15% discount on full price spa services!

Do you live within two blocks? 

We offer a 20% discount on full price spa services.

Let us know if you biked, bused, walked

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Unless noted, all events are held in the Trillium Room of Flanders House located at 2926 NE Flanders.

Hope you have a great weekend!


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