It was June 1977 and the Portland Trailblazers won their first and so far only National Championship. Portland was ecstatic with joy. It was Blazer mania and a parade ensued.


It was on that energy momentum that the Everett House was founded. Having purchased the then most run down house on the block our founder, David Slawson, found himself with a home occupational license doing massage out of his at the 2917 NE Everett St House (E1). It was then July 1977. David and friends soon built a round wooden hot tub added a sauna and showers and invited other holistic practitioners to work with him. It was the days of Leonard Orr and rebirthing was in fashion. A holistic MD David Murphy joined as did an herbalist Cascade Anderson rebirthers Bobby and Samuel Schreiner and a rolfer named Don Wolvington. The Everett House was formed.

We pay tribute and homage to our founders and initial healing practitioners. As time evolved the 2927 NE Everett St (E2) building was purchased as was the 2926 NE Flanders St (E3) building which then became too large for a home occupational permit and in 1981 a Conditional Use Permit was applied for and granted by the City of Portland. Two new hot tubs were installed behind the E2 building as well as a full service restaurant numerous other healing practitioners joined and East West College of Massage moved in the Flanders House with classes being taught on all the levels. Additional community services were added which included community meeting spaces, discounts for close by neighbors and for those who came by bike, bus or walked. Community meetings and our grounds were opened up for neighbors and members to use for quiet contemplation relaxing, herb plant identification. We also opened up community break rooms and kitchens for neighbors and members. We have additional services free for neighbors and discounted for members such as wifi use, community meeting rooms. The Kerns Neighborhood Association used to hold meetings in one of the Center’s buildings. Many of Portland’s finest healing practitioners were either trained at East West College while it was located at our facility (which David stills runs today) or have worked at the Everett House over the years. Two large meeting rooms were used for classes related to massage education as well as workshops on health healing and spiritual growth.

The center initially developed under the name Everett House Community Center then Everett House Healing Center. In 1983 the name was changed to Common Ground taken from the Paul Winter song …”In a circle of song in a circle of sound all our voices will blend when we touch Common Ground” to reflect changes the center was going through. Over the last few years we have changed our name back to our origin intentions and calling ourselves The Everett House Community Healing Center

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