Our focus action areas are the following:

  • Education

  • Cultural Diversity

  • Community Vitality

  • Living Standards

  • Mental Wellbeing

  • Ecological Resilience

We plan on making all our new initiatives match raising the standards in our focus areas. We are proud of our programs that have begun, and the new ones coming. Please attend and use the resources we provide for our community. All of the programs listed below are 100% donation based.

New Community Offerings:

To support our six fold vision for social success.

Artist In Residency Program

Each month we are proud to bring in leaders within different communities to offer a donation based workshops to our community and any others that wish to attend. The artists will be selected by the following requirements.

  1. An area that matches and fits within our six - fold vision plan

  2. What the times need for leadership and community healing and empowerment

  3. The answers provided within our artist in residency application form

All artists agree to produce at least four workshops to the Everett House, donation based. As Dane always says “Nothing is radical nor revolutionary if not everyone can obtain.” The artists in return will be featured in our news blasts and receive one month free of unlimited spa time. Our new months’s “artist’s in residences” and future artists can be found here, in this tab you can also apply.


Our brand new social ceremonies in our new jungle tea room! When we come together, we make the world better. So we started this twice a week offering to do just that, bring people together in a highly intentional way. But don’t worry, it’s going to be fun, you are going to laugh, and you may just meet your new best friend or life partner in the mean time. Book a spot, get lost in our jungle, and let your tastebuds soar while your body falls into that zen place.


“Social ceremonies are here! lets send a big cheer, bundle up and sit near..to a familiar stranger and soon to be friend our journey is a mirror.“

Divine Feminine Series

We support women, with out the divine feminine, there would be no life. This women’s circle was birthed by Karli Erickson - and now each month a new leader takes the torch and leads a four week series to empower and gather women across the city. Each month the former women leaders of each month, and the social impact director come together and choose the next leader for the next month. From the “Divine Feminine Community”:

We are a sacred feminine community focused on growth, empowerment & complete success (mental, emotional & spiritual). We are a spiritually aware (& curious) women's circle creating a safe environment to empower each other in reaching our highest potentials. We come together to embrace the Divine Feminine gifts we've all been blessed with, & we form authentic connections through shared vulnerability, honesty, laughter & respect. By honoring our innermost wisdom, we thrive in support of each other through shared insights for lifted growth. Together we form a learning hub of interactiVe rituals & daily practices.

Sunday’s 9:30 am - 11:30 am

Optional Women’s Only Soaking Hour from 11:00 - 3:00 pm.

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