A haven away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and a safe space to interact with others who were also seeking to heal and relax.
— A.P.

“Everett House Healing Center is not just a spa. It is a place of solace and rebirth. It saved my life and is an integral part of my ongoing self care from chronic physical and mental health challenges. It is a place to unplug and recharge in this chaotic fast paced world.” -T.W.

“The Everett House has been a sanctuary, an enclave of peace from the chaos of life. It is an oasis where one is able to rejuvenate the body, enliven the spirit, and fortify the mind. The insight I have derived from the warmth and quietude that the Everett House and it’s wonderful staff provide is invaluable.” -A.B.

“Everett is my safe-haven; it is the single most important outing for me in Portland. It is a place that residents can go to relax and slow down; this is the reason we all moved to Portland!! it is a reason why I continue to live here and pay taxes. This place is a living legend.” -J.C.

“When I am overwhelmed and stressed and don’t know exactly what to do next, the Everett House has been there to help me fell my body and find a sense of peace once again.” -W.D.

“I fell absolutely in love, as the community and health components of the spa, saunas, steam rooms, community gardens have proved to be the greatest contributor to my personal health of any single activity in which i participate. The Everett House has contributed to my sense of confidence and health in relation to my body.” -A.R.


“Just got home from being there for the first time. Such an amazing experience. The outdoor hot tub was a perfect temperature with beautiful nature around. Trees and tree lights surround you, with a great fire pit. While you’re hanging out, you can order tea at the window. The sauna and steam room were great. Overall, just a great peaceful place to be.”

— Travel Daily


“I have been a club member for years and years and have yet to have a bad massage. Sitting in the jacuzzi with the moon and venus rising = heavenly”

Kirky Kirkland

“Staff was friendly and professional. The environment was extremely relaxing. I look forward to my next visit!”

Jason Bethel


“Love that Gem..very positive and relaxing environment. Wish I would have learned of it sooner.”

Evei Fedrau

“I love the tea house/soaking pool out back, and the dry heat sauna inside, long wait sometimes, so save yourself the trouble and go full membership...”

-Jennifer Cook

Oh boy, what a relaxing time. I love going here and feeling recharged walking out. The facilities, staff, and operations are all amazing. Well-done everyone!
— Willow Solow


Loved by Locals and Travelers Worldwide

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