“It is what it claims; healing house. Always good energy at this place, people are very kind and respectful. Beautiful well kept grounds. Great hot tubs, cold tubs also. Nice sauna. As well as float tanks.

The massage service is a perfect addition. Try a soak, massage then more soak package! It's definitely worth it!”

— Kathleen

“We love to come here and relax. It’s so lovely to be in the middle of the city and to be so healing. There’s a little tea house out back and so many options for soaking or sauna. I highly recommend this place.”

— M.T.


“Just got home from being there for the first time. Such an amazing experience. The outdoor hot tub was a perfect temperature with beautiful nature around. Trees and tree lights surround you, with a great fire pit. While you’re hanging out, you can order tea at the window. The sauna and steam room were great. Overall, just a great peaceful place to be.”

— Travel Daily


“I have been a club member for years and years and have yet to have a bad massage. Sitting in the jacuzzi with the moon and venus rising = heavenly”

Kirky Kirkland

“Staff was friendly and professional. The environment was extremely relaxing. I look forward to my next visit!”

Jason Bethel


“Love that Gem..very positive and relaxing environment. Wish I would have learned of it sooner.”

Evei Fedrau

“I love the tea house/soaking pool out back, and the dry heat sauna inside, long wait sometimes, so save yourself the trouble and go full membership...”

— Jennifer Cook

Oh boy, what a relaxing time. I love going here and feeling recharged walking out. The facilities, staff, and operations are all amazing. Well-done everyone!
— Willow Solow


Loved by Locals and Travelers Worldwide

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