Picture a hot tub, but ten times better. That is our soaking pool. It’s in nature, right in the center of the city.

Benefits of Socializing - because we have given you all the reasons this spa is a therapeutic sanctuary. But you are always welcome just to sit back and relax without ever talking to anyone. It’s your spa life, and your choice. We respect and encourage you to be with what you need. But if you want to socialize, here are the reasons why it rocks!

  • Socializing plays a pivotal role in improving overall growth and development of an individual.

  • Stress and anxiety levels can be reduced to a great extent. Solutions to problems may be found in dialogue.

  • It provides great opportunity to understand various kinds of people, their mannerisms, personalities, thought processes and so on. Socializing develops better understanding of human perspectives and attributes.

  • Socializing is a great tool for development of self-confidence and giving your self-esteem the required boost. It kicks out shyness and hesitance from an individual making him ready to face the world in a smart manner.

  • It provides happiness and joy when you meet your family and friends in real rather that online life, as you can share issues and emotions more explicitly.

  • Socializing is a great way of giving and getting emotional, physical and spiritual support. Even if you are feeling down and upset with something, friends and family can help you overcome the difficult period with ease. They can cheer you up, provide the required encouragement and bring back your lost zeal and enthusiasm.

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Come take the plunge, and enjoy our cold baths.